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teatro ticket-service


1 Scope
The general terms and conditions govern the sale and purchase of event tickets for "Schuhbecks teatro" and thus the legal relationship between teatro events GmbH (hereinafter: "organizer") and the purchaser (hereinafter: "guest").
The prevailing general terms and conditions of the organizer apply to all legal transactions between the organizer and the guest; the organizer does not acknowledge any differing conditions, unless he has expressly agreed to such differing conditions in writing.

2 Contract/Purchase of Event Tickets
1. All event tickets are sold exclusively on behalf and for the account of the organizer. This applies equally to purchasers via the Internet, by telephone, or through booking offices.
1.1 When ordering tickets and purchasing an event ticket, the purchaser confirms that he has read these GTC and accepts them as binding.
2. Contractual relationships are exclusively between the organizer and the guest. The guest acts on his own behalf and own account. Reselling event tickets is not permitted. Any commercial trading of event tickets without the prior consent of the organizer is prohibited. This particularly includes the sale of event tickets at inflated prices to third parties or auctioning tickets through an online auction house with the intention of making a profit.
3. The invoice amount is due on the day of the booking.
4. When ordering admission tickets for a leisure event, such as a musical, theatre, concert, sports or other leisure event and thus including tickets for "Schuhbecks teatro," there is no distance selling contract within the meaning of Section 312b of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB)). This means that the purchaser has no right of cancelation and no right of return vis-à-vis the organizer. Every order for event tickets is therefore binding and subject to payment (Section 312g (2)(1)(9) of the BGB).

3 Scope of Services
1. A paid event ticket entitles the guest to a single visit to "Schuhbecks teatro" on the date indicated. The ticket price includes admission to the show. Menus, drinks, merchandise, etc. are charged separately.
Booking a drinks package will also entitle the guest to consume the drinks selection included in the deal.
The organizer will seat the guest according to the seating category as purchased by the guest; the guest will not be entitled to select his own table. 3. Should the guest not attend the event, the ticket will be forfeited and the purchase price will not be refunded.
4. The purchaser must notify reception about drinks packages. Staff can provide relevant services.

4 Relocation/Rebooking/Cancelation/Program Changes
1. The right to reschedule/relocate the event for good cause, particularly in the case of weather conditions, artists unable to perform due to illness or similar, remains. Purchased event tickets will remain valid.
If the organizer relocates the event, he will take back the event ticket and refund the purchase price only in cases where it is unreasonable for the guest to attend the rescheduled and/or relocated event. Returning a ticket even in these cases is only possible up to one week after notification of the final date for the event. Tickets will not be taken back after this. Otherwise the claim will expire. Further claims on the part of the guest (e.g. travel/overnight accommodation) are excluded.
In the event that the show is canceled for good cause as specified above, the guest will be entitled to an alternative date only if the show is less than half-way through the performance.
2. A special right of cancelation in accordance with Section 649 of the BGB is excluded. In principle, the guest may not return tickets or reschedule bookings. However, a 48-hour deadline before the event applies here. Hotel package services can not be rebooked.
3. The organizer reserves the right to program changes or to replace individual artists or characters, as well as the food on offer. This will not result in admission price reductions.
4. Event tickets expire when the event commences. Thereafter any claim to a seat ceases. The purchaser and/or guest is obliged to report to reception before the event commences.
5. The start of the event may be delayed by up to 45 minutes.

5 Liability
1. The organizer accepts no liability for any material and personal injury, insofar as the organizer, his legal representative, or vicarious agent has not acted with willful intent or gross negligence.
2. Compensation claims from the guest arising from positive violation of contractual duty, fault in the case of contract formation (Section 311(2) of the BGB), and tort (Section 823 of the BGB) are excluded, insofar as the organizer, his legal representative, or vicarious agent have not acted with willful intent or gross negligence and no material contractual obligations have been violated.
3. Compensation claims arising from impossibility of performance and delay, as well as violation of material contractual obligations, are restricted to foreseeable damages in the case of ordinary negligence.

6 Cloakroom
1. Coats, umbrellas, sticks, large bags, and similar items must be handed in at the cloakroom subject to a fee.
2. Cloakroom staff must be notified immediately of any damage to or loss of cloakroom items, including loss of the cloakroom tag. The return of cloakroom items without presentation of the cloakroom tag is only possible if it is credible that the guest is the entitled recipient.

7 Sound Recording, Filming, Photography, and Video Recording
1. Sound recording, filming, photography, and video recording at the event venue is not permitted for copyright reasons. All recording equipment and cameras must be handed in at the cloakroom for storage.
2. In the case of violations, the organizer is entitled to confiscate recording equipment and cameras and withhold such items until the end of the event. All films and recording material on which parts of the show are recorded may be confiscated by the organizer and held in storage. Such material will be returned to the owner if the latter has consented to deletion of the recordings. All violations against the ban on recordings will be prosecuted.
3. The owner of the event ticket expressly waives his right to claim remuneration from the organizer and agrees that the organizer is entitled during the event to create, reproduce, and broadcast images of the guest (including audiovisual media use) unlimited by time. This consent is unrestricted in time and space.

8 Data Protection
1. The organizer processes the guest's personal data in accordance with data protection regulations applicable under the contract. The organizer will use automated procedures to collect, process, and use the data (e.g. name, address, email, phone number, etc.) to the extent needed for the purpose of establishing, forming, or amending the contractual relationship. As long as the guest does not object, the organizer is entitled to collect, process, and use the data received exclusively for his own purposes and to pass this data on to third parties where this is necessary to carry out the contract. This consent may be revoked at any time without giving reasons.

9 House Rules
1. The organizer's house rules must be followed, particularly any instructions given by staff. Walking on the stage or stage area is not permitted. Only the public areas at the event venue are open to guests. Parking rules and any instructions given by staff must be followed.
2. Pets and dangerous objects are not permitted.

10 Applicable Law / Place of Performance and Venue
1. German law applies.
2. The place of performance and venue for all claims arising from the business relationship between the organizer and the guest is Munich, Federal Republic of Germany.